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Zerra Rose


dynamic performing artist based in New York City, Caitlin Zerra Rose holds an MFA in Music Theatre from The Boston Conservatory.

Her artistic journey includes collaborations with TV and Broadway luminary director-choreographer Otis Sallid, on Cabaret (as Fraulein Kost), as well as with the talented BroadwayWorld Award winning director Kyle Pleasant in his production of Cabaret (as Fraulein Kost/Sally Bowles Cover).

Caitlin took to the stage in the world premiere of Another Roll of the Dice, a new musical by the seven-time Emmy Award-winning writer Mark Saltzman (directed by Broadway veteran Larry Sousa), featuring music of the legendary Frank Loesser.

Most recently, Caitlin brought to life the title character of Vivienne in the new musical Vivienne composed by esteemed Boston Pops Orchestra arranger and orchestrator, Peter Mansfield

Caitlin is also involved in the vibrant arts scene of Provincetown, MA, where she has dedicated multiple summers to working with TV personality and Theatre producer Adam Berry and his esteemed company, Peregrine Theatre Ensemble. .

Her recent standout performance (The Boston Globe) as the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd marked the inaugural opening of Arrow Street Arts, formerly known as the American Repertory Theatre's Club Oberon, in Cambridge, MA.

n addition to her stage work, Caitlin has made notable appearances in film, playing opposite Jon Hamm in Mirimax's Confess, Fletch, and had a principal appearance in 20th Century Fox's Boston Strangler.

Caitlin's vocal prowess has resonated in prestigious venues, including the Lincoln Center (2019 Gala), where she sang backup vocals for Broadway's Amber Iman. As a soloist, she has had the pleasure of singing with The Cape Symphony Orchestra in concert (The Tony's: Broadway's Best and The Best of Rodgers and Hammerstein), at NYC's renowned Birdland, and 54 Below. Caitlin is a resident singer at Gayle's Broadway Rose in Times Square. ◆

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“the captivating Caitlin Zerra Rose, as the mysterious Beggar Woman, comes alive in the London mist.”

“Caitlin Zerra Rose and Eli Douglas crack your heart with their portrayals of the most tragic figures in “Sweeney Todd”: the Beggar Woman, a kind of crazed Cassandra roaming the streets of 19th-century London”

R. Scott Reedy


“Caitlin Zerra Rose as the beggar woman, has a vibrant voice”

Joyce Kulhawik

Don Aucion

The Boston Globe

“A Revelation

singing “Take Me to the World” from the made-for-TV Evening Primrose and the subtly savage “Could I Leave You?” from Follies.”

Howard Karren

The Provincetown Independent

“Caitlin Rose boldly goes the yin/yang route by juxtaposing "Murder! He says" with a "Both Sides Now" only bested by Joni Mitchell herself”

Stephen Mosher


Caitlin Zerra Rose as the hilarious, flirtatious girl with a hyena laugh, Gertie.”

Kevin T. Baldwin


“Caitlin Zerra Rose’s Fräulein Kost is brassy and sharp and her voice is powerful.” Howard Karren

Caitlin Zerra Rose’s performance as Fräulein Kost provides a narrative thread that acts as a continual reminder of the toxic combination of being an opportunist and a push over as she creates a character that is foolish enough to believe the Nazi promise that “tomorrow belongs to me” includes her”

Steve Desroches

Provincetown Magazine